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Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Soma Sound Therapy 

Seeking freedom from stress?

Seeking freedom from daily stress? Looking for ways to rejuvenate or reconnect with your mind and body? Need a moment of solace to reconnect with your self


If yes, Soma Sound Therapy is your answer!


For the past 25+ years, Aeriol Ascher, Certified Angel Intuitive, Oracle Reader and Energy Healing Master, has been helping severely stressed-out people in the Silicon Valley reduce their stress levels from as high as 7+ to 2 or 3 using Reiki, massage and aromatherapy self care techniques. 


Profound Results with Soma Sound Therapy 


In recent times, Aeriol has introduced clients to her unique, deeply relaxing self-healing modality called Soma Sound Therapy (somatic sound therapy). The results have been profound!


After the first session itself, some of Aeriol’s clients reported that their stress levels (as high as 9.5) went down to zero, with this powerfully soothing Vibrational Sound Therapy. 


The effects of Soma Sound Therapy are cumulative, which means you relax more deeply in less time after each session.

How does Soma Sound Therapy Work?


Soma Sound Therapy works vibrationally through the body (somatically). The metal bowls are placed directly on the body to induce a state of gentle relaxation by sending vibrational waves through the body tissue. This hypnotic vibration activates the parasympathetic nervous system allowing the body to heal itself.


Each metal bowl emits a profoundly calming vibration that radiates out all the negative energy and stress, which curtails your ability to realize your full mental, physical, and spiritual health. The resonant sound impacts your body on a cellular level, releasing the flow of positive energy to restore and re-tune your body to health and inner peace.  


The Science Behind Soma Sound Therapy


Western science is now recognizing what ancient tradition has known for ages: the healing power of sound. Quantum physics has shown that everything in the universe, including every human, has a vibration. This vibration is the signature of your health and well-being. 


Due to stress, anger, resentment, and other negative emotions, your body's vibrational harmony or cohesiveness gets disrupted, and the healthy flow of energy gets blocked. This can have adverse physical, mental, and spiritual consequences. 


Soma Sound Therapy uses the power of sound to generate a positive inner vibe, which is the most critical aspect of healing. It not only helps reduce stress and negativity, but also lowers blood pressure, mitigates the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD, improves concentration, boosts immunity, sharpens perception and intuition, and enhances creativity. 

Who is it for? 


Soma Sound Therapy is ideal for anyone seeking to relieve acute stress and anxiety.


  • It is for anyone wanting to achieve deeper relaxation to improve their stress levels.

  • It is for anyone who is working on healing themselves on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level to achieve immediate results.

  • It is for anyone wanting to up their self-care game to achieve more clarity, creativity, and ease.


Choose Soma Sound Therapy and Press Your Life’s Reset Button  


To get started, you can schedule your one on one Soma Sound Therapy sessions with Aeriol Ascher. You could also join her group sound baths as well as mindfulness meditation, sound, and energy healing classes.


This modality is the beautiful synthesis of Aeriol’s work as a healing artist and vocal performing artist. 


And here is something for you to ponder over. We leave you with Aeriol’s favorite quote from Nikola Tesla: “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”  

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