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Reiki Energy Healing for daily Self Care

Updated: Mar 14

Reiki energy healing for emotional and spiritual well-being as part of a daily selfcare practice

What is Reiki?

"Reiki" is a Japanese method of energy healing that can therapeutically provide miraculous signs. In Japanese, the word "Rei" means "universal," and "Ki" means "life energy," referring to the use of universal or atmospheric life energies for healing purposes.

Reiki researchers and practitioners claim that it is focused on the surrounding energy fields of a person through positioning the palms or hands to the specific spots on the body, depending on the type of healing.

How Does it Work?

In the Reiki energy healing process, the surrounding energy stagnates in the intended area of the body through placing the palm on the site. For instance, if there is any burn or injury, then the palms will be placed on the injured site, whereas for relaxation and stress relief, the hands will be placed over the head, on the forehead, behind the neck, or on the chest. This helps in providing the flow of the energy around a person's body into the body to heal the wound or lower the mental stress.

Primary Uses of Reiki

Although there are several uses of Reiki energy healing, some primary uses of this energy healing method include the following:

  • To provide relief from the pain and physical injuries

  • To improve the emotional health

  • To boost up the mood

  • To reduce stress and increase relaxation

  • To deal with the insomnia symptoms and helping in better sleep

  • To treat anxiety and depression

  • To relax the patients undergoing surgeries or any other medical procedures involving anxiety

  • To provide relief from the pain, physical exertion, depression, and mental stress associated with different diseases such as cancer.

Reiki as a Self-Healing Practice

Reiki can be used as part of a daily self-healing practice. Reiki Level One is about precisely that. After being initiated in a first degree Reiki Class, students perform a daily self care practice for 21 days. Once a person learns the principles and techniques of Reiki, then he/she can effectively use this energy healing for their own self care health benefits.

For What is Reiki Most Effective?

Alhough Reiki can be effective for pain management related to physical injuries and diseases, Reiki experts suggest this energy healing is most effective for emotional and spiritual well-being. Primarily when it is intended to be used as a daily self-care practice, then Reiki is the best option.

Reiki For Emotional Well-Being

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) suggests that Reiki encourages the transfer of surrounding energy to that part of the brain associated with the emotional well-being by increasing the blood flow to that part. It allows a person to optimize emotions through utilizing the Reiki energy and feel self-stable.

It can be used in the following emotional well-being areas:

  • Bipolar personality disorder

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

  • Eating disorders

  • Loss of interest in activities

  • Isolation behavior

  • Feeling of sadness, anger, aggression, or hopelessness

  • Frequent tearfulness or crying

Reiki For Spiritual Awareness

In daily self-care practice, spiritual well-being can be achieved through Reiki principles and energy healing phenomenon. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) suggests that Reiki has proven results on spiritual well-being, especially in self-care, because it allows a person to utilize the surrounding energies to boost spiritual health.

Reiki principles contribute effectively to the spiritual health of a person practicing it daily. These principles can be used to improve optimism and positiveness in life as these are based on the guidelines on self-focus and intentionally triggering spiritual optimization.

  • The person must get rid of angry thoughts

  • The person must try to forget worries and stressful thoughts

  • The person must be thankful for the blessings

  • The person must expand the consciousness

  • The person must try to be gentle and humble with all the living creatures

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