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Sound Healing: How does it work?

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Sound Healing: How Does it Work?

Sound Healing, or Sound Therapy as it is sometimes called, works through the use of frequencies and vibrations. The Universe, and everything in it, is in constant motion, and this produces vibrations and energy. When your brain formulates a thought, this is converted into electrical energy that is just as tangible and real as the energy we can measure through our electricity meters at home.

Similarly, when the cells of your body are under stress, or an illness is beginning to manifest, the rate of their vibration changes subtly, almost as a “signal” to us to take action. Western Medical Science is now starting to recognize what ancient traditions have known for ages: the healing power of sound. Your personal vibration is the signature of your health and well-being. (If you want to dig deeper into the medical science of sound healing, At the foot of this article are some links that will take you to more in-depth articles.)

However, if you just think about the way the established medical world in the West already uses sound waves in diagnoses and treatments, you can see how adaptable it is as a healing modality. Ultrasound is used to obtain images from inside our bodies and targeted sound waves are fired at kidney stones to encourage their disintegration.

When you experience Sound Healing, the sound waves enter your body, and not only through your ears, but somatically through the physical body, thus stimulating and activating your body’s own immune system response and healing mechanisms.

You are probably familiar with the “fight or flight” response of the sympathetic nervous system that our bodies go into when we are stressed or experiencing pain and tension. The frequencies used in Sound Healing activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which shifts your body processes into “rest and restore” mode. This promotes the relaxation necessary for recovery and healing.

Vibration and Energy

When any object vibrates it causes the atmosphere around it to also vibrate, and this movement allows it to carry the vibrational energy, or frequency, to a different place or object. In this case, to our physical bodies.

All forms of energy work and energy healing work through the use of vibration to balance the chakra centers and clear the meridians or energy channels that carry Life Force Energy, or Chi, throughout our physical and emotional bodies. Sound Healing works by aligning the body’s vibrations and entraining harmonious brainwaves with the particular sounds it is receiving.

Sound Healing and Chronic Pain

Sound healing helps your body to relax and let go of tension, which is the prime requisite for alleviating pain. As the sound waves travel through your physical body they remove blocked energy from the meridians, allowing healing Chi to flow freely.

Sound waves also enter your brain and induce a state of deep relaxation, which, in turn, allows your body to let go of the source of pain, wherever it is situated. As your mind and body relax, your subconscious mind takes over from your conscious mind, and you become receptive to the healing, and pain-relieving chemicals, enzymes, and hormones that your body naturally produces to help you to heal.

Many people report a dramatic decrease in the amount of pain they experience following a Sound Healing session. Many also report much improved sleep patterns and an increase in both physical and mental energy.

Blending Sound Healing other Healing Modalities

Sound Healing forms a perfect companion to other healing modalities such as Reiki and Massage therapy. I added Vibrational Sound Therapy after being a Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner for many years. Having a musical background, I took to these vibrational sound healing tools right away and was able to synthesize them into my healing sessions.

Even if you are not using sound healing in your own healing practice, you are probably familiar with the soothing, tranquil ambient sounds often played in spas and during massage treatments or facials. Practitioners and spa establishments consciously use the subtle power of music to create a tranquil and inviting ambiance that invokes a relaxed feeling in the client.

The difference between “soothing background” noises and dedicated sounds for specific healing purposes forms an important part of the efficacy of the treatment. Sound Healing consists of much more than simply playing pleasant music. A skilled practitioner will know how to use disparate sounds to promote self-healing and deepen your relaxation experience. This soundscape journey into the self may consist of single tones, such as those produced by tuning forks, or multi-layered resonances produced by gongs and singing bowls.

Final Thoughts

Sound Healing is drug-free and non-invasive. It is usually an extremely pleasant experience, and the benefits are manifold. If you are looking for a therapy that will help you to help yourself, Sound Healing is a perfect choice.

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